Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple

Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple . There are thousands of temples all over India in different size, shape and locations but not all of them are considered to be built the Vedic way. Generally, a temple should be located at a place where earth’s magnetic wave path passes through densely. It can be in the outskirts of a town/village or city, or in middle of the dwelling place, or on a hilltop

There are thousands of temples all over India in different size, shape and locations but not all of them are considered to be built the Vedic way. Generally, a temple should be located at a place where earth’s magnetic wave path passes through densely. It can be in the outskirts of a town/village or city, or in middle of the dwelling place, or on a hilltop. The essence of visiting a temple is discussed here.

Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple
Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple 

Now, these temples are located strategically at a place where the positive energy is abundantly available from the magnetic and electric wave distributions of north/south pole thrust. The main idol is placed in the core center of the temple, known as “*Garbhagriha*” or *Moolasthanam*. In fact, the temple structure is built after the idol has been placed. This *Moolasthanam* is where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be maximum. We know that there are some copper plates, inscribed with Vedic scripts, buried beneath the Main Idol. What are they really? No, they are not God’s / priests’ flash cards when they forget the *shlokas*. The copper plate absorbs earth’s magnetic waves and radiates it to the surroundings. Thus a person regularly visiting a temple and walking clockwise around the Main Idol receives the beamed magnetic waves and his body absorbs it. This is a very slow process and a regular visit will let him absorb more of this positive energy. Scientifically, it is the positive energy that we all require to have a healthy life.

Further, the Sanctum is closed on three sides. This increases the effect of all energies. The lamp that is lit radiates heat energy and also provides light inside the sanctum to the priests or *poojaris* performing the pooja. The ringing of the bells and the chanting of prayers takes a worshiper into trance, thus not letting his mind waver. When done in groups, this helps people forget personal problems for a while and relieve their stress.
The fragrance from the flowers, the burning of camphor give out the chemical energy further aiding in a different good aura. The effect of all these energies is supplemented by the positive energy from the idol, the copper plates and utensils in the *Moolasthan*am / *Garbagraham*. *Theertham*, the “holy” water used during the pooja to wash the idol is not plain water cleaning the dust off an idol. It is a concoction of Cardamom,*Karpura* (Benzoin), zaffron / saffron, *Tulsi* (Holy Basil), Clove, etc…Washing the idol is to charge the water with the magnetic radiations thus increasing its medicinal values. Three spoons of this holy water is distributed to devotees. Again, this water is mainly a source of magneto-therapy.

Besides, the clove essence protects one from tooth decay, the saffron & *Tulsi* leafs protects one from common cold and cough, cardamom and *Pachha Karpuram* (benzoin), act as mouth fresheners. It is proved that *Theertham* is a very good blood purifier, as it is highly energized. Hence it is given as *prasadam* to the devotees. This way, one can claim to remain healthy by regularly visiting the Temples. This is why our elders used to suggest us to offer prayers at the temple so that you will be cured of many ailments. They were not always superstitious.

Yes, in a few cases they did go overboard when due to ignorance they hoped many serious diseases could be cured at temples by deities. When people go to a temple for the *Deepaaraadhana*, and when the doors open up, the positive energy gushes out onto the persons who are there. The water that is sprinkled onto the assemblages passes on the energy to all. This also explains why men are not allowed to wear shirts at a few temples and women are requested to wear more ornaments during temple visits. It is through these jewels (metal) that positive energy is absorbed by the women. Also, it is a practice to leave newly purchased jewels at an idol’s feet and then wear them with the idol’s blessings.
This act is now justified after reading this article. This act of “seeking divine blessings” before using any new article, like books or pens or automobiles may have stemmed from this through mere observation.Energy lost in a day’s work is regained through a temple visit and one is refreshed slightly. The positive energy that is spread out in the entire temple and especially around where the main idol is placed, are simply absorbed by one’s body and mind. Did you know, every Vaishnava(Vishnu devotees), “must” visit a Vishnu temple twice every day in their location.

Our practices are NOT some hard and fast rules framed by 1 man and his followers or God’s words in somebody’s dreams. All the rituals, all the practices are, in reality, well researched, studied and scientifically backed thesis which form the ways of nature to lead a good healthy life.The scientific and research part of the practices are well camouflaged as “elder’s instructions” or “granny’s teaching’s” which should be obeyed as a mark of respect so as to once again, avoid stress to the mediocre brains.


  1. Scince will say dis now and the same scince will rewright it tomarrow

  2. Nice and informative article.

  3. superstition the scientific way!..Not at all references..

    Here's two from my side which I can give in few minutes:

    Just see that Magnetic intensity is decreasing towards the south, that means more temples should have been built towards the north..but I think it's the opposite.


    These physical and biological claims are unproven and no effects on health or healing have been established. Although hemoglobin, the blood protein that carries oxygen, is weakly diamagnetic (when oxygenated) or paramagnetic
    (when deoxygenated) the magnets used in magnetic therapy are many
    orders of magnitude too weak to have any measurable effect on blood

    And we can wear loads of copper, copper fitting at home, buy bulk of magnets and keep and home and get positive energy,10s of lamps at home, then why to go to temples for healing, if your point can be considered truth for sake of debate??

    Please talk scientifically if you mention scince!

    Better luck next time.

  4. man dis all are proved ones -have you ever heard of bigeologists ,color theraphy etc.. this is now studied in germany & usa .pls dont be ignorant

  5. HeRock has some serious problem with one can help you!

  6. This may apply to temples of stone age built on scientific thoughts and principles existed then. What about plenty of roadside temples these days which are totally commercial.Maintain the Sanctity of our Ancient temples.

  7. great ,good for start, do it from new moon to full moon, than turn in, meditation is not asking but listening also before turning you have to gather zero energy to 100% from outside, than do nothing become that energy, love god like the turtle who only looks at the baby turtle and feeds him, so feed the god from outside as a doing and you do nothing and become the being, the subjective reflection to objective verification, the mirror effect the phantom effect now called by russian in the dna quantum physics, and out of gratitude bow down to all four directions of magnetic mother earth on which religions gurus and gods are placed

  8. nice work keep it up......... atleast people will know what it means scientifically , what indian culture inherits inside its rituals..

  9. great article ...keep updating things like this to educate ppl abt spiritual or para science

  10. in the artical they told that power is mainly at “*Garbhagriha*” or *Moolasthanam* but now all are not allowed to go in to the“*Garbhagriha*” or *Moolasthanam*, then how can we gain energy And how we can find the magnetic power at a temple?

  11. If wearing a ornament helps women to absorb magnetic energy why wasnt it made compulsory for men??y was such a great advantage given for women??i do believe in god but just being rational

  12. I'm sorry but there is no science in this. Not saying anything against the validity of arguments in this article. Just saying science is never only claims and no proof. You merely converted what we believe as superstition in scientific terms to sound more acceptable.

  13. he mentioned that boys should remove their shirts n this is compalsary in many tempels so men need not to wear any ornaments ( metals ) but womans cant be made to do like men n u know y so to observe the magneto repulsive radiations womens r said to wear jewels, ornaments.....

  14. @Animesh-o think u never visited a temple.or you are too small 3 understand what said .

  15. can science prove life and death my friend? There is 99.9 % of things in the world that need proof. A logical mind is not always handy

  16. My Friend, the old kings wore lots of gold and men used silver in their ankles rings to ears and lots more like women..

  17. So You Mean to say that there is no power to god in temple...Every one should go to temple only for this Magnetic power ...From those copper plates...I believe in God....!!!!!They scientific thing may be correct but there is spiritual power also...It still exists in all the Temples...!!!!

  18. that is why copper plates are placed under the idol which reflects the magnectic energy to its surroundings. This is more than enough I guess..

  19. nice information about temple

  20. It is an interesting article. Such articles would bolster our faith in our rich tradition. However, i have just one question to Mr. Siva Kumar Ari , that , how do i convince people about this theory? is there any reference by which i can back up my argument.
    It would be of immence gelp if i'm helped with this query of mine.
    [email protected]

  21. So u really sleep by keeping ur head at north? Its been said by my elders.. There is a meaning in everything boss... Tulsi is one plant which gives out oxygen at night that's why it is kept in center of the home.. Possibly our ancestors did say why it was done like that.. But bluntly saying no science n it is superstitious is our ignorance...


  23. What exactly is this 'positive energy'? I mean no where in science has it been proved that exposing oneself to magnetic field of the Earth is beneficial. I agree that a temple has a pure, stress free and positive environment which is something worth experiencing on a regular basis. But all the absorbing energy thing makes no sense.

  24. Men are not allowed to wear shirts in the temple premises...(still followed in kerala) datz becauz d hair v have on our body acts as antenas dat pulls/attracts the positive energy in temple.
    But in d case of women dey can't go lyk men ryt. N so women are told to wear more ornaments during there visits to temple.


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All India Daily: Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple
Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple
Scientific Reason behind why we should visit a temple . There are thousands of temples all over India in different size, shape and locations but not all of them are considered to be built the Vedic way. Generally, a temple should be located at a place where earth’s magnetic wave path passes through densely. It can be in the outskirts of a town/village or city, or in middle of the dwelling place, or on a hilltop
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